Flex Academy

The Flex Academy Studios are non-traditional 21st century classrooms that provide students credit recovery through  personalized instructional plans.  The trauma-sensitive environment embraces students where they are  and celebrates the assets they bring to our learning community.  There is a Flex Academy at each high school.  

Flex Academy Teachers

Each Flex Studio has a fully endorsed English, Social Studies, Math, and Science teacher who provide differentiated instruction, through offline or blended learning, as well as academic case management.  


Students who are scheduled into the Flex Studio have access to activities designed for team-building, goal setting, and exploring a post-secondary pathway based on students’ academic, vocational, and career goals and interests.  This includes but is not limited to: field trips, resume building, DMACC, University, and Job Corps visits, scholarship workshops, job applications, internship prospects, volunteer work for organizations like Habitat for Humanity, and other enrichment opportunities. 

Standards-Referenced Grading

Students are assessed using the standards-referenced approach, which is instruction aligned to content focused learning standards. Flex teachers guide the students through knowledge they are expected to learn, provide continual feedback for improvement, re-teach when necessary, and allow numerous opportunities for practice.    

Flex Academy Pathway Requests

If you or your child are interested in Flex Academy, please talk to your school counselor or SUCCESS case manager.

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