Instructional Plan

Each student will receive a personalized teaching and learning plan.

Teacher Expectations:

  • Options Academy teachers will provide scheduled one-on-one instructional sessions that best suit the needs of each student Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:30 AM-3:00 PM.  Fridays are reserved for teacher planning and meetings, so students must schedule with their teacher if they would like to attend on Fridays.
  • Teachers will provide traditional credit recovery instruction based on where a student is academically and on their schedule; students set their own pace.
  • Teachers will provide HiSET instruction based on where a student is academically and on their schedule.  Teachers will set the pace of this instruction in this sequence:  Skills Evaluation, Instruction, Practice Test, Qualifying Test, and Official Test.

Student Expectations and Virtual Learning Experience:

  • The Iowa Department of Education requires attendance and mandatory learning.  Tiered interventions for academic, social, and emotional support will be provided based on academic engagement.
  • Options Academy students must attend scheduled one-on-one instructional sessions or their session times will be given to students who are actively studying.
  • If students need to cancel a study session with a teacher, they are required to communicate to his/her/their teaching prior to cancelling a session so other students can schedule sessions during their time.
  • Students taking HiSET Qualifying Exams must be proctored via TEAMs and without the use of cell phones or search engines like Google.
  • Students can take Official HiSET Exams on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8:15 AM, 10:15 AM or 1:00 PM.  For unique circumstances, please contact Ryan Ealy.

How do IEPs and 504s Work at Options Academy?

  • Teachers will ensure all accommodations identified by a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan are met.
  • Note:  IEP and 504 accommodations and modifications are not guaranteed on the official HiSET Exam.  Students will need to work with our counselor and instructional strategist to apply for these accommodations directly to ETS well in advance.

Technology and Curriculum Resources:

  • All information regarding Technology and Internet Access can be found on our Technology Support Page.
  • All Options students will receive a free DART Pass on their Options Student ID (replacement IDs are $5.00).

Community Support and Resources:

  • Click here for more information on all of the Des Moines Public Schools Online Family Resource Guide.
  • For more support please contact our Success Case Managers Alyssa Zimmerman and Tami Cross.